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A legend is reborn! Big Finish Productions presents all-new suspense stories reuniting the original DS cast, including David Selby, Lara Parker, John Karlen, Jerry Lacy, Kathryn Leigh Scott, and Marie Wallace. These attractively packaged, authorized audio dramas include original DS music by Robert Cobert with new score added with sound effects. "The House of Despair" (CD#1), "The Book of Temptation" (CD#2), "The Christmas Presence" (CD#3) and "The Rage Beneath" (CD#4) are available for only $15 each, including postage.

"The Legend Reborn" is a double CD set that takes listeners behind the scenes with cast and crew interviews, outtakes, and much more. Also included is a special music album, showcasing Joseph Fox's haunting scores from the series, including previously unheard material. "Angelique's Descent," a two-part talking book, features Lara Parker, who reads her classic novel in two double-disc audio books, featuring music and sound effects.

The dramatic reading CDs are available for only $15 each, including Lara & David Selby in "The Path of Fate" and "The Skin Walkers," plus Kathryn Leigh Scott and Alec Newman in "The Ghost Watcher" and "Clothes of Sand," Jerry Lacy and John Karlen in "The Wicked and the Dead", Nancy Barrett and Marie Wallace in "Curse of the Pharaoh," and John Karlen and Lara Parker in "Echoes of Insanity", and Lara Parker and Kathryn Leigh Scott in "Final Judgement", and David Selby and Lisa Richards in "Blood Dance."

"Night Whispers": Jonathan Frid returns as Barnabas for the first time ever, in an unmissable new audio drama, featuring John Karlen and Barbara Steele. "Kingdom of the Dead": the full-cast stories continue in four hour-long CDs, available now as a limited edition box set. "London's Burning": Quentin is on the trail of a supernatural killer stalking old London in a thrilling new dramatic reading starring David Selby and Louise Jameson. "The Doll House": The secret pain of Jenny Collins is revealed in a new story starring Marie Wallace and Terry Crawford. "Music From the Audio Dramas": The best of Nigel Fairs' haunting music scores is collected on this hour-long soundtrack album.

"The Blind Painter": Struggling artist Charles Delaware Tate meets Count Petofi; "The Death Mask": Tony Peterson must join forces with the beautiful but deadly Cassandra Collins. The Creeping Fog: The voices of Quentin's past will not rest, starring David Selby; and The Carrion Queen: Gregory Trask is partnered with the witch Angelique, starring Jerry Lacy and Lara Parker. "The Poisoned Soul" : Charity Trask is possessed by a strange spirit. "The Lost Girl" : Josette duPres Collins struggles for redemption on her final journey. "Music From the Audio Dramas, Volume 2": An hour of original music from the latest series of dramatic readings.

"The Crimson Pearl": A special anthology story starring Nancy Barrett, David Selby, Lara Parker and more! A blood-red pearl leads the Collins family to luck both good and bad.

"The Voodoo Amulet": Cassandra Collins and Tony Peterson in the city of New Orleans, with Lara Parker and Jerry Lacy. "The House by the Sea:" Gerald Conway has been haunted by visions of the House by the Sea. "Dress Me in Dark Dreams": Judith Collins sees herself dancing with a dark stranger, starring Terry Crawford. “The Eternal Actress” starring Donna McKechnie; a famous actress has a dark secret. "The Fall of the House of Trask": The Reverend Gregory Trask, played by Jerry Lacy, returns from Hell. "Operation Victor": In the Second World War, Quentin Collins (David Selby) finds the Third Reich is hiding a dark secret.

"Speak No Evil" : A mysterious and sinister clown breaks into Collinwood and threatens Tad Collins. "The Last Stop": Tony Peterson's luck has run out as he takes the last train home. "Dreaming of the Water": Sebastian Shaw finds himself a patient in the local asylum. "The Haunted Refrain": Something has trapped the soul of Quentin inside his gramophone. "A Collinwood Christmas": On Christmas Eve, the children of Collinwood will face death. "The Phantom Bride": The private eye and the witch (Jerry Lacy and Lara Parker) solve a shipboard mystery.

"Beneath the Veil" Starring Marie Wallace and Nancy Barrett - what is the truth behind the murders in Collinsport? "The Enemy Within" - Cyrus Longworth (Christopher Pennock) and Sabrina Jennings (Lisa Richards) each have a secret. "The Lucifer Gambit" - Amy Jennings returns to Collinsport and discovers that passion burns. "The Flip Side" - Carolyn Stoddard (Nancy Barrett) faces a world of chances and choices. "Beyond the Grave" - the true horror of a Halloween night in Collinsport reappears after forty years.

"Curtain Call" Former mind reader Leticia Faye meets charismatic preacher Joshua King. "The Harvest of Souls" Maggie Evans comes to the end of her story. "The Happier Dead" Collinsport Hospital is where you come if you want to die. "Carriage of the Damned" Sabrina Jennings seeks a cure for her werewolf curse.

"The Devil Cat" Tony and Cassandra face the greatest threat of their lives. "The Darkest Shadow" Will Quentin Collins (David Selby) and Amanda Harris (Donna McKechnie) relive their doomed romance in a new movie?

“The Curse of Shurafa” – In Cairo’s great cemetery, Barnabas Collins is a desperate man. “In the Twinkling of an Eye” – A stranger in town lures Jessica Griffin (Marie Wallace) to a mysterious house.

“Deliver Us From Evil” - Cyrus Longworth (Christopher Pennock) and Sabrina Jennings (Lisa Richards) are victims of a diabolical plan.  “Tainted Love” – David Collins and Kathy Cody begin to reconnect. “....And Red All Over” – Who is the man with the face of Burke Devlin (Mitchell Ryan) and why is Maggie (Kathryn Leigh Scott) being held captive?