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Daily Trivia is featuring episodes beginning with the arrival of Victoria Winters and continuing until episodes can be seen on cable TV. A new episode will be posted each day around midnight whenever possible.

episode 37
Daily Trivia: Today is the debut of Clarice Blackburn as a sobbing ghost.

Episode summary:
Collinwood: Roger goes to the phone. Evans Cottage: Sam admits he has done nothing about Burke. Collinwood: Roger hangs up and sees Vicki. She insists she heard sobbing. Roger angrily accuses her of prying.

Evans Cottage: Sam writes a letter. Later, Maggie appears, and he gives her the letter, telling her to keep it in a safe place and not to read it unless something happens to him.

Collinwood: Vicki hears sobbing and goes to the basement, where the sound is louder. Roger appears, angry at her prying. Upstairs: Roger answers the phone and angrily tells Ned Calder to call back at a more reasonable hour. As Vicki leaves, he calls to her and apologizes. He begs for her forgiveness. Vicki accepts, then asks if he heard sobbing. Roger admits he has and says perhaps it is a ghost.

Tomorrow: Vicki tells Liz about the sobbing, but Liz tells her it does not concern her.